Monday, January 13, 2014

A Total Daddy Day

some photoshop fun, double exposure 
    For whatever reason, today is a daddy day. A day when only daddy can fix everything, he's the only lap in the room and only interesting person to talk to. I really shouldn't be jealous considering nearly every other day I'm Xander's #1 favorite person but I'm not really enjoying the cold shoulder.

    It's not like he doesn't LOVE his father all day every day but he rarely chooses him over me. He's a momma's boy at heart. But from the second he woke up this morning he's wanted to be glued to his father. They spend breakfast sharing a seat in the kitchen and picking apart a sandwich together. Xander jabbering on about something he found very important, while Alex did his best to pretend he understood every sound. Which of course gave Xander the biggest kick ever, I think he gets we don't understand his language but cracks up over our attempts anyways. This did give me a chance to get some adorable pictures of my two favorite people.

    After school, he picked up where he left off and showered his father with love. And to be honest, its well desired. I feel bad because it rarely happens. Alex doesn't get his requests for kisses answered like I do, due to his beard and Xander's hatred of wiry hair. He regularly picks my lap to curl up in to watch cartoons and read books, but Alex does dominate his play wrestling practice on a daily basis.

    Xander is an adorable sweet boy and its hard not to want him to give you his full attention but that's probably just my unwillingness to share my awesome little guy. Daddy deserves some quality days too!

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