The Great Dinosaur Hunt

studying up on dinos
Upon our first visit to Pittsburgh, before we had decided to make it our home, we noticed quite a few dinosaur statues in seemingly random places. After a bit of research, I discovered they were part of a fund raising campaign for the Carnegie Natural History Museum back in 2003. Various artists made up their own creative designs and after construction, they were displayed around the city and later sold for thousands each. In total there were 100. Some are on public display still but there aren't any real up to date, accurate lists of their locations so we are going off word of mouth, reddit suggestions and our own random sightings. Our goal is to find as many as we can and take a picture of Xander with them, since he loves dinosaurs! I will be adding the photos as we take them so check back often to see if we've found anymore. If you are local, we'd love your input on we you have seen one, just comment below!

The Hunt is On!
Dippy, of course starts things off. He's not one of the 100
 but he's too awesome to pass up
outside of the music hall, Oakland
Mr. Dig
PPG building, Market Square
PPG building, Market Square
PPG building, Market Square
Port Entry at Carnegie Natural History Museum  
Across from the Music Hall, Oakland

Creation Rex
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

name unknown
Carnegie Science Center


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