Sunday, January 5, 2014

I've been Meaning to Write...

    By now anyone who might have, at one, regularly read this blog has long since moved on. And that's okay. I've been gone for nearly four month to the day and I would have walked away too. Honestly I'm probably still considering it. I could chalk this whole experience up to going through a phase, in which I felt there might be someone out in the blogoshere that might stop and read my words, relate and gain something from it. Whether that has ever happen or will ever is irrelevant, just writing again is nice.

    A lot has changed since my last post. Xander is more than thrilling at school! He's learned to love singing, something I didn't have the passion for to teach him in the first place. He is learning his abc's and can tell you the sound of just about any animal you can name.

    After he got settled in school, I went back to work. And because I don't do anything in a small way, I took on a challenging new career with 45 hour weeks and regular late nights. For a while this was alright, for all of us, but after a month or so it became clear it wasn't going to work long term. Xander has a flare up of aggression that last two weeks and made us sick out our minds that his PANDAS was back. That was the stray that broke the camel's back, I put in my notice and I'm back to being around full time. I will probably pick up something with far less hours and less demand but for now I think we are just enjoying me being around more.

    Alex is still as wonderful as ever. He worked his tail of this holiday season (28 days straight on the night shift) to give us the best Christmas we've ever had! He out did himself with toys for Xander and a wonderful new DSLR camera for me! (So expect even more pictures than before!) All in all it was a lovely holiday but we are grateful to be getting back to normal.

    Now that I'm home again, I plan on starting up where I left off. I can't say there won't be lapses in time but I'm truly hoping to avoid another four month block.

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