Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cool For School: Our First Week of Preschool

    The long awaited first week of preschool has now come and gone, and quite honestly it was fine. I expected semi-meltdowns, tears, maybe a few "momma" moans, nothing. He was fine. I'm thrilled he did well and wasn't as attached as I thought he was, but I'm more surprised with my reaction. I didn't cry.

totally unrelated note: I hacked off all of my hair!

    He's my first and only child and leaving him for the first time with total strangers in a strange place didn't make me cry?! Really I was more bewildered by the sudden freedom. We got to the school at 9:30am and expected to spend the whole day with him but by 11 they were suggesting we leave. Once in the car though, Alex and I had to scrabble for ideas for how to kill the next few hours. We are so rarely childless that we usually plan weeks in advance the events of our time alone and here was a whole day thrust at us. We ended up walking the local mall and popping into stores we would normally have to rush through if Xander had been with us.

    He has been making some real progress, as far as comfort level, with every day he goes. He accepts the teachers' authority and hasn't had a screaming fit telling them to "go away" yet, though I'm sure the day will come when there's not such a glowing report in his binder.

    He does however seem to use up all of his patience and sweetness at school, leaving little to spare for us or his tss come the afternoon. He's still getting used to the demands of the new schedule and grumpiness is totally normal, but that doesn't really take away from how annoying it is. His new tss is still getting her sea legs and his meltdown the other day over not getting a car ride didn't help anything. All of this will work out in time but man that hardly helps the headache I have festering now.

    He truly does seem to love going to school and learning new things, that makes the future seem all the brighter, even in spite of the crappy mood, if we can foster a love of school for as long as possible, the better service we do for our son.

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