Thursday, March 14, 2013

Brick Walls, Fine Lines and Little Wins!

     Xander has always been a "sensory focused" patient in the eyes of his therapists, and for good reason. He's constantly seeking out deep pressure. Hugs and cuddling when he's happy, head banging when he's frustrated, taking running charges at doors and walls when he's bored and jumping the rest of the time. We have had our fair share of almost choking incidents from stuffing his mouth full of food and accidentally boo-boos from running full force into less than soft, unyielding objects. Since being in Early Intervention, we have seen some of the "needs" fade, the stuffing for one has almost completely gone away. But something in the last few weeks has brought it back and brought with it the behaviors that are becoming habits.

     Don't get me wrong, I Love our therapies, all 5 of them (BSC, TSS, O/T, S/T and Nutritional.) But I feel like we hit brick walls with understanding what's a sensory thing and what's a behavior? Temper tantrum and Meltdown? "Normal" toddler behavior and diagnosis stuff?

     It makes my head spin, because I don't see where the lines are actually drawn. When he's having a sensory sensitive day, he has behaviors, getting him to stop or redirect leaded to a temper tantrum because its not what he wants to do which makes him think he's being bad and I'm angry so he melts down. Where does one area end and another begin? I don't like feeling like I just don't agree with the suggestions given, that we've either tried it and have little to no result (listening therapy and brushing etc) or that its just not a possibility, like a swing in my tiny apartment?! We are on the waiting list for out patient o/t which will give him a better chance to get the input he needs but that could be weeks or months before we get a slot, we are just praying its sooner rather than later.

chillin' at the mall with our friends
     On a brighter note, I think we are getting a few steps closer to potty training. We have been using trainer diapers to he can start to learn to pull up and down his pants. And he's getting it! When his diaper is full (he holds his bladder and goes a lot all at once) he starts to take it off!! I know it sounds crazy to be excited about this but its such a big deal for him. We are one step closer and I couldn't be more proud!

     Another exciting little turn of events, yesterday during a trip to the mall, he spotted the Easter Bunny and attempted following him, even tried to get into the elevator with him. For a kid who turns out nearly everyone in public it was funny to see him see a 6 foot bunny and not get upset, but intrigued. We didn't ride the elevator with Mr. Rabbit but we did attempt a quick visit. At first he ignored him but when the bunny handed a piece of candy and a drawing directly to him, Xander looked him square in the face! It wasn't a long stare but still pretty amazing! I'm grateful that my area has sensory safe events because I think we are finally getting to the point where in the right setting we could visit, not this holiday but maybe down the road.

     After going through all the frustrations of the last few days, then the really amazing little wins, after watching my sweet boy fall asleep after truly exhausting himself today, I'm just grateful. Really, truly grateful. I love all the help we are able to get because of where we live and while I get frustrated with the methods at times, I'm still blessed to even have them helping him. And we are still having progress, little wins and new words (sub-mean=submarine) So despite all the annoying stuff there's a lot to be happy about!

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