Monday, March 18, 2013

New Doctor Tomorrow and Holiday Plans

     Today is one of those crumby days, the weather is miserable and Xander wants nothing to do with his TSS. It was a lazy morning of cartoons and I can't blame him for not wanting to work after that.

     So tomorrow is another evaluation with a new doctor...yay! (not really) It's a development pediatrician and its great that we were able to get in with their waiting list. I'm praying that they have new, better suggestions for the stimming and sensory issues we've been having. But I dread evaluations. I always feel like we are going to forget to mention something big or somehow they will fail to see the problems and deem him completely "cured" and clap their hands and all of his services go up in a puff of smoke... Okay that's not really a rational fear but I'd be lying if I said it's not one of my worst nightmares. In a time when we is still so far from what is considering "on schedule" for his age, I fear some doctor completely ignoring us and using some insanely permanent (non existent) doctoral power to completely undo the last year of service approvals we've gotten. Crazy I know.

     On a completely different note, we are gearing up for one of my favorite holiday seasons. When we lived back in the big house with all of my family, Resurrection Sunday dinner was MY holiday meal. I was given the kitchen and I went crazy making all of our favorites. This year we are having a Passover dinner too. Alex tried to plan a full Seder but with all that has been going on we were unable to get all the things he'd need. But we are having friends over and I'm planning a fun (and simply) story of Passover for Xander. We will be letting him paint red on some large paper and cutting it out to go on the door frame, giving him a more hands on part in the holiday. Alex was raised with some of these holidays, like a Seder in the spring and Hanukkah in the winter along with the Christian holidays. I'm looking forward to making a paper menorah for Xander to "light" next year, when he will be a little more interested than he was this year. It will be nice to have two extra people to cook for this year. Going from 7-8 adults down to two is a huge change that feels all wrong for major holidays. I'll have pictures in a week to post of the meal and festivities and hopefully a positive plan from the development pediatrician before then.

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