Saturday, March 23, 2013

The New Doctor and The Changes that Come with Her

     I mentioned in my last post that we would be seeing a new doctor this week and talked about my irrational fear of them missing all of his behaviors and issues and labeling him "cured" when we rely so heavily on services. Well it was completely pointless to worry. She say everything we mentioned and more. She's a very experienced in autism specifically and she feels he's more moderate to slightly severe than the "mild" our therapists throw around. And I tend to agree with her. She made a point to say this in no way limits him or so stop us for pushing to get results and see development. Which was something we never in a million years ever thought of stopping.
    She's suggested we cut as much tv and electronics as possible. So that's cold turkey for us, because there's no explaining to him what limits are and why he can't have more without causing a meltdown so we have just given up it up completely. And I can't even begin to say its been easy, far from it. Filling his every minute with activities was hard before but now without Any sort of down time it's close to impossible. We go about our normal day and he's finding new ways to "help" mommy that he never thought of before. Like waiting until I'm busy folding clothes to reorganize my shoes and laying in the bed while I make it so the sheets aren't too tight. It takes longer to get things done but honestly they are a little more fun this way.

     Rather than stealing the moment to sprint up the stairs and put away clothes or tidy up his room while he was taking in a show, he follows me from room to room watching what I do. We've always had random toys or books in our bedroom or the hall that don't leave those spots, something to occupy him when he happens past them, which helps when my chore is simply too boring for him. We have gone almost a week without shows and so far have only had a few meltdowns directly connected with the change. Diet is the next big adjustment that is coming our way but I don't know too much yet. Whether it will be a gluten/casein free diet or something a little different is still up in the air until our nutritionist has a chance to touch base with our new ring leader. I can't imagine that will go as smoothly as the tv, but fingers crossed!

     We are  truly lucky to have access to some amazing doctors. I'm willing to try just about anything a few times to help him get better results and maximize learning, so their suggestion are greatly welcomed, even if they aren't the easiest things to follow. As far as her thinking he is more severe, I'd rather hear them side with more severe than originally thought and getting him more help than have him fall through the cracks and not get nearly the amount of help he needs. Its not fun to hear your child is more challenged but its like anything else, you buckle down and start making plans on how to help, go through the lists of ideas 'til something clicks and you see a break through, even a tiny one, then you reset and start planning again.

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