Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring's Almost Here... Kinda!

     Xander is a summer baby in every way. He was burn during one of the hottest summers in recent history for the east coast and in the mild of a heat wave. When he would cry, all we'd have to go is step outside into the sticky humid air and he's stop almost instantly. He loves being in the open air and feeling the wind blow on his face.

     So the 6 inches of snow we got this past week is just about driving him crazy. In March?! I know it sounds crazy but so far that has been our experience in Western PA. This is the second winter for us here, from our coastal hometown, and the second year of very late winter storms. We attempted early on to bundle him up and play in the snow but it only lead to tears. So no snowmen for us, but you won't here me complaining, I hate cold fingers and they have yet to invent a glove that truly keeps your fingers from freezing after a few minutes. This time though I knew it was coming and took him out the day before for some swinging at the park. Xander would willingly live at a park, on a swing, for the rest of his life if we let him. We have plans someday of a nice big backyard with a swing set for him but those days are a little ways off just yet so the park will have to do for now.

     Passover dinner went off without too many hitches. Xander enjoyed getting to rip up red paper for the "lamb's blood" on the door. We told him a shortened glossed over version of the story of Moses and enjoyed a lovely meal with friends. Easter weekend is upon us now and sadly because Alex works, we are going to be flying sole this weekend.

     He did get some egg dying in with his speech therapist the other day. He was not so surprisingly incredibly good at it and made some very artistic color combinations. In an attempt to get him to eat some of one of the eggs, our therapist convinced me to try some. I can't say I'm impressed because I'm totally not an egg person but it got Xander to take a bite so I deem it a worth investment.

     April is just a few days away. For those of you who don't know, April is Autism Awareness Month. The 2nd specifically is the national support day, so please wear blue and try to spread awareness and acceptance. I look back and think about my own horrible ignorance and can't help but feel ashamed that I judged so harshly and joked so lightly. I now look at every case of a kid being loud or unruly in public as a possible behavior outburst and every exhausted embarrassed mom as someone who might be in my shoes. Sure, they might just be kids having a temper tantrum with no challenges at all but I'd rather err of the side of caution and not judge someone who is living a life much like mine.
Happy Easter From Us to You!!

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