Monday, April 8, 2013

Its Beginning to Look A Lot Like Springtime!


     Well I'd hate to jinx it but it seems the nice weather may finally be here. Of course, just in time for me to get sick but I'm sure that was Mother Nature's evil plan all along. Sunday, we were lucky enough to get a beautifully sunny afternoon in the 70's. Windy as always out here on our hill top but with lovely blue skies dotted with velvety soft clouds, not even a cool wind could make us stay inside. Xander was happy to be free out in the fresh air with the birds and even more pleased that I didn't force him to wear pants or shoes. I brought a blanket and pillow out from the living room and lounged out on our front lawn while Xander played on the front porch with his trucks. Alex fired up the grill, seasoned his cast iron pan my mother gave him years ago and made steaks for dinner. All in all, it was a lovely spring afternoon.

     We are slowly getting used to the idea that winter lingers longer in the hills/mountains than on the coast and I do find myself missing the salt air but we have made this new area our home and it has its own unique beauty. With the warmer weather comes playground trips, play dates and exploring outside, all of Xander's favorite things. After all, he takes that "summer baby" title to an all time high and tries to out down himself each year. I'm sure there will be more to report in the future but for now, I'll settle with one lovely afternoon with my guys.

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