Friday, April 5, 2013

Those Who Wander Aren't Always Lost, Sometimes They're Toddlers

    Well my greatest fear happened today and it, quite honestly, was worse than I had imagined. Long story short, Xander walked out of the front door while I was bringing the trash cans in.

     I came in the front door and even looked around as I came in and didn't see him. I called his name when I got in and didn't hear anything. I checked the kitchen before panicking, then ran upstairs expecting him to be belly flopping on my bed. He wasn't hiding in his room or playing in the toilet. At this point, I'm freaking out as I nearly throw myself down the stairs because my legs aren't working right and throw open the front door. Outside a guest of my neighbor yells out to me if this is my kid?! I was hardly able to do more than nod as I ran up to her and grabbed Xander, thanking her as he flailed about and screamed at the top of his lungs. She seemed pissed and disapproving of me and I didn't have a chance to explain, though I doubt it would have done any good.
this is the view from our porch.
That's how close the cars spread by with the decorative "fence." 

     When I got back in the house I broke down. It was beyond horrifying to think of what could have happened if that woman hadn't had been in her car waiting. He would have just walked clear out into the road and I could have come out to something that I don't even want to begin to imagine.

     I know wandering is part of the whole deal, aside from being a curious kid we have the added bonus of autism to magnify the desire. I was a wanderer as a kid, I once took off through the hole in the fence after tricking my brother into thinking I was inside with my mother and my mom thinking I was with my brother. I made it several blocks on a busy summer day on a shore resort island, its a wonder the police got to me alive. I was old enough to tell them my name, though they couldn't understand me and soon got back to my parents safe and sound. My mother still tells this story every time I have something crazy to report about what Xander's done now.
upside to today: he rediscovered an old toy when he was
suppose to be napping. Oh and he's sporting a new hair cut! 

     But really this one is a duesy, at least I had a serious fear of cars and I was at least 4 at the time. I apparently was able to cross the road well enough and avoid an accident. Xander welcomes speeding cars like they are charging at him to give him a hug. It just stunned me to think that my life could have changed so quickly from something as simple as yesterday he couldn't open the front door, now he can.

    I'm just grateful for God's protection over him and that that woman was there to grab him, even if she thinks the worst of me. I don't know what I'd do without my little Bean and God willing I'll never have to find out.

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