Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Short but Fun Weekend

     We are lucky enough to have always lived in beautiful places. I was born and raised on a barrier island in southern New Jersey, we later moved to the "mainland," about 500 ft from the bay and marsh. And now we live surrounded by amazing tree covered hills with mountains and rivers near by.

     Like nearly every other little boy his age, Xander loves being outside. That wasn't always the case though, and it took us so long to get him to tolerate grass even while wearing long pants and shoes. Now he has no problem running around bare footed in tall wet muddy grass! As much as he loves grass now, his favorite part of nature is WATER! He loves playing in puddles, small streams, lakes and the ocean during vacations back home. So this weekend while my sister was visiting we decided to take a trip to a lovely spot we hadn't been to since falling in love with western PA and moving here, nearly two summers ago. Normally I don't post 90% photos but they tell the story better than I could.
11 month old Xander playing on the rocks

My sister, Nicole posing for a shot in the middle of the river


My attempt to take a picture under the waterfall ended
 with me falling into the water and getting soaked

Here are a few shots from the night before when Nikki, Xander and I went to the park for a quick play time.

We made some really great shirts for the autism walk but sadly were unable to go this year. But you can never have too many awareness shirts. used the method from this post tutorial

Sadly, due to work issues, Nicole had to cut her trip in half and head home before we could get a good dinosaur hunt in but with an unscheduled trip to the city on the books for tomorrow to see Xander's developmental ped about the screaming issue and my parents visiting at the end of the week, I'm sure we will have some to add to the page soon!!

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