Sunday, May 5, 2013

Be Nerdy, My Son!

     I've said before in my bio related posts that my husband and I are nerdy. Not necessarily the "sexy" nerdy
we are still learning safe
sonic handling
that is all the rage currently, more like the geeky that still embarrasses my siblings and friends when I go on rants or whenever my phone rings. That being said, my dream is to someday go to a convention. How is this related to autism you ask? Bear with me, I'm getting there.

     A few days ago, during a con interview, Wil Wheaton (for all of those who don't know him and are too lazy/unable to click the link. He is one of the stars of Star Trek Next Gen. from back in the 80's and tons of roles in random geeky things since) was asked to explain "why being a nerd is awesome" for a newborn little girl to watch when she's older. Watch the video below of his answer then I think you will get where I'm going here with the autism/parenting/raising awesome adults connection.

in case you can't view the video, here's a link to a photo someone made writing up his answer.

     First off this is wonderful advice for anyone's kid, but considering autism helps our kids love stuff with a whole new kind of intensity and to the point that they might get mocked, it rings even more true. Xander knows how to love better than most adults, in my opinion, and I hope that its a trait that sticks with him for the rest of his life. It thrills me that his interests, even at such a young age, captive him so much. He will pour over books well above the learning level he's supposed to be at, (let alone the one he's currently in) taking in all of the bright realistic pictures, chattering about God only knows and comparing one drawing with the next. 

    I love that Wesley... I mean Wil Wheaton, not only encourages his own kids, but other's also, to be who they are and love deeply what they find interesting. I look forward to the days when Xander will share with me all the amazing facts he's learned in his dinosaur books and what he thinks really happened to them in the end, but until those days come I'll just keep encouraging and nurture his interests and agree to share every adventure we have with a 3" green plastic apatosaurus. 

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