Saturday, May 25, 2013

When in Need of Spoiling, Call Grandparents!

     Well this week has been surprisingly long yet all too short. My sister was here last weekend and my parents came for a quick visit the last few days. Now everyone is back home safely and I finally have time to share the pictures.
Even the robots had some autism awareness

     One of our new favorite day trip activities is to explore one of the many local museums. Thanks to Mr. Carnegie we have more than a few to chose from and they never disappoint! This time we went to check out the science center. Of course, it was hell to get to and I nearly gave up because of all the traffic from the rained out Pirates game but in the end we got there and had a blast. Before checking out the exhibits, we ran outside in the rain and snapped a quick picture with the museum's dinosaur statue for our hunt!

     We started in the train area and quickly moved on to the robot section. Xander loved the nearly endless amount flashing buttons but I started to get the feeling that if we did leave that area soon we may end up living there. What was my tip off? Oh when my toddler nearly hip-checked an elderly couple after spotting a small flashing button from across the room and hauling ass to get to it. So after breaking his little heart and leaving that section to check out what so on the next floor.

     This next area was all about coral reefs, currents and how similar fish and submarines are. All of which he was fascinated by! He spend a good half an hour running back and forth between tanks and displays checking and rechecking all of the fun things to see and touch. Luckily this floor was very low traffic and we were able to just sit on a bench and watch him run around like a maniac.

He even found Nemo!
    Since the museum was going to start closing and my mother insisted on a trip to the gift shop, we then wrestled a screaming Xander back into his stroller and made our way back downstairs. Within no time at all, Xander had picked out his "museum treat" (each trip he has gotten a plastic animal or dinosaur of some kind) and Grandma was holding up t-shirts trying to pick her favorite. A polar bear tee, dinosaur bean bag and plastic turtle later and we were off to meet Alex in Market Square for a late lunch.

    It was an exhausting, but wonderful trip and ended up making their short visit more memorable. Xander caught on quick to the idea that if you want something, simply ask grandma or grandpa and they were all too happy to oblige him of his nearly every whim, including playing outside in the rain and sleeping on top of grandpa all night. Sadly, their trip ended all too quickly but it won't be long before our summer vacation to the shore in August!

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