Monday, May 13, 2013

Just A Quick Update

     I think this is one of the longest stretches I've gone without posting since starting the blog and that's mostly because while not a lot is happening, we are super busy. I'm hoping that I'm able to get this post done before the house is completely destroyed again by Hurricane Xander.

     So this past week we had our wraparound services evaluation with his psychologist and hope to hear sometime in this week whether his diagnosis will be formally changed to Autism and how that will affect his schooling. Overall the appointment went surprisingly well; Xander wasn't an angel which is always helpful when you are trying to get an honest assessment.
My mom with
my nephew

     In other news, we have started the dreaded SPRING CLEANING! (Well for the most part, completed the cleaning, just a few minor things still left.) There's nothing more miserable that giving your house a deep clean and suffering for days because of all the dust you sucked in, but it feels amazing when everything looks so nice!

     Which leads me to my next topic: VISITORS!!! I love when family comes to visit! We haven't see anyone since January,
Aunt Nikki
so it will be nice to get some time to hang out. My sister, "Aunt Nikki" to Xander, will be our first guest for a week starting Thursday and once she leaves my parents, "Grandma" & "Grandpa," will be here for a few days. Bean will be on cloud 9. He adores having room mates for the sole purpose that he loves the constant attention. When he doesn't want to sleep at night or wakes up the second the sun is up, no one complains when he curls up in bed with them or insists on an early morning tickle fight. This will also be one of the first times my family has come for a visit when I'm not about to go into surgery and its not below freezing out. We will most definitely have some dinosaurs shots to add to our ever expanding list from Our Great Dinosaur Hunt!
Grandpa & Bean

    One of my favorite days of the year just came and went. That's right: Mother's Day! I love buying all the wonderful ladies in our families cards and hopefully brightening up their day! My boys spoiled me this year, I got a lovely breakfast made for me, and as far as gifts: A mocha latte, 2 sets of Dalek (Doctor Who villain/misunderstood genius race) socks, a manicure kit and a 3 pack of my super-hard-to-find lip balm. After a wonderful afternoon of getting to play a video game while Alex chased after the munchkin then a tasty dinner made by my handsome personal chef, I'd give the day a sold 5 stars! ***** I must give them credit, my guys know how to spoil me when it comes to holidays. Don't get me started on my gifts two Christmases ago, your spouse will never live it down that they weren't that good!

     "We" (the blog) had our first giveaway over on our facebook page. I had gotten my hands on one of those surprise inside candles, where there's a piece of jewelry at the bottom that  could be worth anywhere from a 100$ to 5,000$. Instead of only enjoying the piece once in a blue moon the rare times I take off my engraved Tiffany's silver bean necklace, I thought it would make a lovely mother's day giveaway prize. We gained a lot of new friends and fans on our facebook page because of it and if that's why you are currently reading this, than I thank you and welcome you to keep coming back for more posts about our lives and how ASD mixes in. I think this giveaway was a huge success and I look forward to doing another one down the road! So if you haven't liked our facebook page, check it so you don't miss it!!

     So while it hasn't been incredibly eventful and blog worth the last week has been slightly hectic and will probably continue to be until after our guests depart. But I'm not complaining, I enjoy when we are on the go and having fun together.

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